12 Haunts in Whitewater, WI Area

September 29, 2023

Whitewater, WI and the surrounding areas are rich in legends and lore. From cemeteries forming an isosceles triangle to witches and haunted buildings, we’ve got all the spooky spots ready for you to give yourself a little scare this fall. Book a stay anywhere in Jefferson County and create your own haunted tour!


Haunted Spaces & Places

We’re starting, first, with the haunted spaces and places of Whitewater, WI because our iconic haunted town has legends aplenty. If you sign up for the Spirit Tour, you’ll get the full picture. But here are some of the highlights and a few lesser known spots you won’t want to miss:


Sweet Spot Cafe

📷 : National Register of Historic Places

Imagine coming to work in the early hours of the morning and suddenly you hear Frank Sinatra-esque music and someone walking the back hallway in high heels. Or someone whispering your name right next to you while no one's around. Or perhaps you might here toilets flush and doors close when you're locked up for the night. “Oh, it’s just the ghost of Ruby,” employees have said. The Sweet Spot Cafe is located in the historic Whitewater Hotel, and Ruby is said to have grown up there and owned the hotel as an adult. Maybe you’ll bump into her in the cafe’s closing hours.


Hillside Cemetery

📷 : National Register of Historic Places

This gorgeous cemetery nuzzled up next to Cravath Lake houses a crypt – the resting place of Whitewater’s infamous witch, Mary Worth. She roams the cemetery late at night. Will you catch a glimpse of her figure wisping through the fog? Don't cross her...or you might be cursed like the Winchesters.


Hamilton House

Who doesn’t love sleeping in a haunted house? Those who’ve stayed at this historic Bed & Breakfast share accounts of hearing a little boy run the halls and seeing a woman outside in the garden – a mother and son continuously trying to reunite. Learn more here.


The Book Teller Bank Vault

While not haunted, the Mystery/SciFi section of this quaint little book store still raises the hair on the back of one's neck. Will the vault door close and lock up with you in it?


UW-Whitewater Center of the Arts

If you’re up for the possibility of elevators opening randomly and chairs moving across the rooms on the basement floor of the Center of the Arts, this spot is for you. And if you end up getting access to an empty Young Auditorium, keep your ears peeled for the ghosts that hang around.


For a few more haunted places in Whitewater, visit here.


More Haunted Spaces & Places In & Around Jefferson County


Aztalan State Park - Lake Mills, WI

📷 : Wisconsin Archaeological Society

Haunted spirits of the ancient people who once resided here linger about the mounds. See what greets you when you settle in.


Fork in the Road - Mukwonago, WI

📷 : Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

This current day restaurant was once a tavern where perhaps some various dramas played out. People have reported sounds of footsteps, pool balls hitting one another and rolling across the floor, voices in storage areas, and glimpsed vaporous clouds. Up for the chill?


St. Killian's Catholic Cemetery - Lake Geneva

📷 : beethoven23.tripod.com

If you visit this beloved cemetery at night, you may come face to ghostly face with an old priest. But maybe not before you hear a ringing bell or other strange noises in the random mist that’s said to appear while one is present.


Haunted Houses

Jefferson County and the surrounding areas offer intense haunts that'll linger long in your psyche even after you've left. Maybe bring a buddy. And an extra pair of pants...you never know. 😉


📷 : The Hill Has Eyes


  • Shockwave Haunts - Whitewater, WI - Most twisted haunts around. Hands down. Grab some wood-fired pizza…but maybe after you’ve been scared out of your mind. Read more behind these haunts here.

  • Skully’s Terror Haunted House - Jefferson, WI - Low lighting, heavy fog, strobe lights, loud music/noise, ramps, stairs, and small spaces. ‘Nuff said.

  • The Hill Has Eyes - Franklin, WI - 45 acres and 60 minutes of sheer terror in 4 haunts outdoors. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Walk of Terror - Elkhorn, WI - Can you find your way through this maze of fears and frights? We dare you to try.


Happy hauntings, folks. Beware.


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