A Whitewater Haunt That Will Scare You Out of Your Mind

October 17, 2019

Shockwave Haunts in Whitewater, WI, is pure creativity. Hundreds of hours go into the creation of these haunts each year and the original designs are never based off of any other haunted houses out there. Owner and creator, Dick Kraus says, “I got a weird mind.” Nephew, Jeff, who works inside the haunts and on the property says, “He doesn’t sleep.” Dick’s sister, Sari, who works at the Fuzzy Pig country store on the same property says, “Oh, he’s twisted.”

Shockwave Haunts: Whitewater, WI

From that mind came three haunts: Clownin’ Around (a new twist off the old Bloody Manor…for the clowns), Walking Dead (Zombies take over the third new haunt!), and Beyond Oz (the real dream exposed 80 years later in Whitewater….this ain’t Kansas, Dorothy). Clownin’ Around is the goriest and, according to Dick, the scariest.

“More people have dropped to the floor this year than in previous years.”

Dick, Owner and Creator of Shockwave Haunts

For Dick, Sari, Jeff, and the 40-plus other actors, it’s all about the environment and the scare. Dark spaces between rooms and messing with the flow of the path you’re on matter to them. They pride themselves on creating everything from scratch and using makeup and liquid latex instead of masks. Sari says, “We use natural creativity.” They want your journey through the haunts to feel as authentic as possible. They refuse to use automatronics like other haunted houses often use and opt, instead, for real people who may or may not move within each room.

“It’s all about catching people off guard.”

Dick, Owner and Creator of Shockwave Haunts

When asked what kind of experience people can expect to have at the haunted houses, Dick laughed and shared that they often joke about selling diapers outside the haunts. In other words, you can expect to be scared out of your mind.

“The adrenaline rush, alone, is the best part about all this.”

Jeff, Dick’s nephew and actor at Shockwave Haunts

They love scaring you. The real question is, are you ready to be scared?

Shockwave Haunts: Whitewater, WI
Shockwave Haunts

Open Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30-10p at N8660 Clover Valley Road through November 2nd. Food and bar available to enjoy your night out!

$10 for Choice of Haunts
$15 for Two of Three Haunts
$20 for ALL Three Haunts
Group rates available!