Top 6 Fishing Spots for Anglers and Bowfishers

October 24, 2019

Wisconsin offers more than 15,000 lakes and Walworth County is home to 130 of them, four of which are in Whitewater, WI. Along with two highly fishable creeks, Whitewater is a haven for anglers and bowfishers alike. From small species like Bluegill all the way up to Largemouth Bass, these top 6 fishing spots are sure to deliver.

Whitewater Lake

At 625 acres, Whitewater Lake is the largest of the four lakes. It provides plenty of space to fish by boat. You can expect to catch Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Carp. Chris, a bowfisher from Delavan, shared, “Spring of 2019, we went out on Whitewater Lake to set a new record for how many carp we could get in one night to help control the population. We got 160 and had to walk on them to get from one side of the boat to the other. Overall, I think we took a few thousand fish out of Whitewater Lake alone this year.” Not into fishing by boat? Walk the paved path along the shore between the marina and the public beach and cast your line out from one of the piers.

Fishing from a pier on Whitewater Lake: Whitewater, WI

Rice Lake

Just across the street from Whitewater Lake and fed by the dam is 144-acre Rice Lake. Quieter than Whitewater Lake, Rice Lake offers a more peaceful fishing experience. Cast your line off the oak-filled Dr. O.R. Rice Picnic Peninsula or across the lake at the boat launch. Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike. Local angler, Michael, said, “Last fall, Whitewater produced some absolutely giant bass in the fishing tournament.” You up for the challenge of breaking the 11.5-lb bass record?

Fishing into Rice Lake from Dr. O.R. Rice Picnic Peninsula: Whitewater, WI

Bluff Creek Fishery and State Natural Area

Bluff Creek State Natural Area

Tucked into the Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit (off of County Hwy P roughly 3 miles from Whitewater) is natural spring-fed Bluff Creek. Popular for its beautiful fens, wetlands, and surrounding prairies, it offers a large population of Trout and opportunities to shoot Carp. Go for the fish, stay for the bucolic atmosphere.

Bluff Creek Fishery Area

Trippe and Cravath Lakes

The 121-acre Trippe Lake and 70-acre Cravath Lake are nestled between neighborhoods, a graveyard, and downtown Whitewater, but offer ample locations to fish offshore. A favorite is from the bridge between the two lakes. Mostly known for their Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Bluegills, these popular spots are known for being close to town and campus (as well as their gorgeous splashes of water lilies). Fishing by canoe or motor boat is popular, too. Both provide boat launches and piers. Don’t head out too soon to fish these lakes, though. They’re currently being drained for dredging and revitalizing.

Fishing from the Milwaukee St. bridge into Cravath Lake: Whitewater, WI

Whitewater Creek

Whitewater Creek flows into Trippe and Cravath Lakes from Bluff Creek. Thus, it offers similar opportunities to catch Trout and Carp. According to angler, Mitch (a previous UW-W student and president of the Whitewater Fishing Team for two years), “It’s shallow, but there are good, small species.” Most anglers cast their line into the creek from the East Main St. bridge just after the dam off Cravath Lake. Downside? You contend with the traffic of East Main. Plus side? The hiking trail following the creek can open up spots to fish in peace.

Whitewater Creek off of E. Main St.: Whitewater, WI

The fishing’s good and plenty in Whitewater, and these recommendations are just a few of the well-known local fishing holes. But, as Susan, a local resident and wife of a fly fisherman, told us, “Usually fisherpeople don’t give up their best spots.” Wherever you end up, here’s to good fishing!