Let’s go shopping in Whitewater, WI.

Whitewater is home to unique boutiques for you to explore. With our eclectic shopping choices, it’ll be easy (almost too easy) to find a treasure to bring home after your vacation. For fans of antique treasures to lovers of things sparkly and new, Whitewater has something-old, something new, and of course, something with an artistic flair.

Specialty Shops.   From fast bikes at BicycleWise to scrumptious apple butter from Apple Butter House, Whitewater takes unique boutiques to the next level. Explore a wide variety of specialty stores lining our streets during your stay.

Gift Shops.   Don’t forget to bring home gifts for anyone that couldn’t make it this trip! Take home a book lover’s all-time favorite from The Book Teller or an amazing piece of statement jewelry from The Fuzzy Pig for your trendsetting friend. Our gift shops give you the perfect excuse to start your holiday shopping list at any time of year. The best part? Even on your second or third trip around to see us, you’ll always find something new in these local shops!

Clothing.   You might want to pack lightly because you’re definitely going to stuff your bags full of new goodies for your return trip home. Aranda Unique Appeal gives you a taste of the hottest trends with those can’t-go-wrong outfit staples. While Reflections of the Past bring the bygone into focus with nostalgic finds ready for your vintage-inspired outfit. Explore the unique boutiques!

Popular Chains.   Uh oh, forget your toothpaste…again? No worries! As a flourishing town of locals and college students alike, Whitewater, WI, has its share of those convenient big box stores! Looking for snacks for the hotel or replenishing your supply of those easily forgotten hygiene products, Whitewater has you covered.

See the directory below for details of the shops ready to serve you during your trip to Whitewater!

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