Community Tourism Grant

Community Tourism Grant Application

The Community Tourism Program (CTP) provides partnership funding to help non-profit organizations promote tourism in Whitewater. The CTP grant is awarded to non-profit organizations that hold events which generate tourism and have a broad appeal targeting markets beyond Whitewater.

CTP is a matching grant reimbursement program. Organizations that receive approved applications must provide details on other sources of support. The CTP is administered by the Whitewater Tourism Council (WTC) and is awarded on a monthly, first come, first serve basis.

Here is a PDF download of the current paperwork for interested parties to download the application form and submit

CTP Information

Community Tourism Program Grant

Sponsored by the Whitewater Tourism Council

Grant Contact Number for The Whitewater Tourism Council: 262-473-4005

Grant Review Process:

  • Applicant will fill out form and submit to the current vice-chair.
  • Vice-chair will review to verify it meets basic criteria for review by board.
  • Vice-chair will notify Chairman to include on the next agenda or return to applicant with comments.
  • Board will review and vote on grant at the following meeting, agenda allowing.
  • Director will write and mail a letter and/or check informing the applicant of board’s decision.
  • Applicant may reapply after complying with regulations.
  • Applicant may contact Vice Chair with any questions or concerns during the process.

Grant Approval Basis: All grants must meet stipulations set by the State Tourism Laws that govern how Whitewater Tourism Council may spend room tax funds. The event must be a new event, a one-time event or an existing event that is expanding it’s marketing base or increasing the scope of the event. Decisions are based on the likelihood of visitors from out of town staying over night in lodging facilities. This is can be supported by marketing to communities over 100 miles away. The over night stays will generate additional tax funds to support the CTP grants in the future. Preference is given to two-day events and events ending late in the evening.  

See below for established city and state guidelines.

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Mission Statement: 

The Whitewater Tourism Council will market Whitewater as a tourism destination, thereby enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors. The Tourism Council will encourage new and existing tourism related attractions, initiatives, activities, and events by providing resources according to council policy.


The Purpose of the WWTC is to be an advisory committee to encourage existing events, create new tourism initiatives and assist WW organizations in developing tourism related projects, as well as marketing WW as a tourism destination.


CTP grants are supported with room tax funds collected by lodging facilities in the City of Whitewater. A 5% tax is charged to all guests staying in the lodging facilities. These funds are forwarded to the City of Whitewater. The City of Whitewater keeps 30% for the City’s operating budget and forewords the balance to the Whitewater Tourism Council. The tourism council then spends the funds in promoting tourism in Whitewater.

STATE Definition of Tourism:

66.0615 Room tax (1m)3. A commission shall use the room tax revenue that it

receives from a municipality to promote and develop tourism, AB 298: 1) Define “Tourism Promotion and Development” to allow room tax revenue to be spent on marketing projects, tourist information services, and tangible municipal development – however, requiring all of the above to be extremely likely to generate overnight stays at multiple lodging properties (with different ownership) in the taxed area.


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