A Hiker's Guide to Whitewater

As a trail community snuggled up next to the Kettle Moraine State Forest, Whitewater offers plenty of hot spots for a winded hiker to rest & relax, refuel, and grab any gear you might need. As you head into town, grab a Bird Scooter and visit one, two, or all of the establishments listed. And most importantly, enjoy your time in Whitewater!

Morning Arrival

Coffee, Tea, Breakfast 

Jessica's Family Restaurant– Fuel up at this classic diner. Provides anything from omelets and skillets to waffles and breakfast sandwiches.

The Cafe or Bakehouse by The Sweet Spot Group– These spots offer breakfast sandwiches and all the pastries you could ever ask for, plus all your favorite coffee beverages, too!

Center St. Cafe– Cozy coffee shop with delicious food and drinks and kind staff. Come for the Turkish coffee. Stay for the relaxed atmosphere.

Whitewater Nutrition- Healthy shakes, energy teas, & coffee for pre/post workout. Your healthy hangout!

ReVamp Nutrition– Healthy shakes, energizing teas, protein coffee, & good vibes!

Tea Lux- Boba & fruit teas and smoothies. Yum.


Dale’s Bootery– This beloved “sit and fit shoe store” is a must visit if you’re looking for new hiking boots or shoes, socks, or even shoelaces!

Afternoon Arrival


Pizza – Whitewater is the (self-proclaimed) pizza capital of Wisconsin! Choose from any of these nine pizza joints. Who doesn’t crave carbs and fat after a long hike?

Sandwiches & Wraps – The Cafe & Center St. Cafe, your go-to places for that quick grub that’s also delicious and filling.


BicycleWise & Sports Fitness– Big fans of outdoor rec, the Sotherlands offer quality gear. Check out their Superfeet footbeds, hiking poles, water bottles, and socks.

The Book Teller- Gently used books, leather journals, local handcrafted soaps and lotions, and other beautiful wares by area artisans.

Treat Yourself

To a massage or some reiki

Need to have tough knots worked out? Make an appointment at one of six massage therapists & reiki specialists in Whitewater. Your body deserves it. 

Evening Arrival


All the protein- 841 Brewhouse or Second Salem Brewing Co.

Carb loaded Italian- Fanatico

Eclectic mix of global comfort foods - Bingg's Farmstead Restaurant



Rosa's– Classic pizza joint serving locally made Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. Get a float, ice cream cookie sandwich, pint, or favorite cone.


Brain Freeze– This 50s inspired burger joint serves locally made Mullens Ice Cream. From banana splits and malts, to brain busters and freezers, you'll want to try one of everything!

Whitewater Cinemas- Who doesn't sometimes want movie theater boxes of candy?! Place an order to-go and take your sweets to the park or treat-in with a good movie.


Fanatico– Pop into this beloved Italian restaurant for homemade cake, cheesecake, and the best of the best: tiramisu.

Night Cap

Second Salem Brewing Co. – Craft brews

841 Brewhouse – Craft brews

The Brass Rail – Classic tap & rail drinks and free pool & darts!

SteveO's – Classic tap & rail drinks, pool, and sports on TV

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