Whitewater: The Newest Ice Age Trail Community

December 7, 2017

What is the Ice Age Trail?

The Ice Age Trail is one of only eleven National Scenic Trails in the whole United States! That is pretty awesome for the state of Wisconsin, but even better for the communities that have direct access to the trail. The Ice Age Trail is a 1,200 mile footpath that stretches and meanders its way through Wisconsin. The trail follows the path of the ancient icy glaciers that moved and sculpted the Kettle Moraine State Forest. To learn more about glaciers and how they shaped Wisconsin's hilly landscape, check out this video (it's perfect for kids).

The Ice Age Trail is maintained and improved by the wonderful members of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. In 2016 alone, the Ice Age Trail Alliance had over 265,000 volunteer hours!


Becoming an Ice Age Trail Community

On November 2nd, 2017, Whitewater officially became an Ice Age Trail Community! That is big news for Whitewater because, it opens the doors to a magnitude of possibilities when it comes to outdoor education. The main purpose of a Ice Age Trail Community is to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the Ice Age Trail Alliance and the communities that it goes through. It allows the awareness of the trail to grow, but also works toward beneficial partnerships between everyone utilizing the trail. Now that Whitewater has become an Ice Age Trail Community, events are always in the works to help people fully experience what the 1,200 mile footpath has to offer!

To see what went into becoming an Ice Age Trail Community, check out the application!


Get Involved!

Check out the many ways in which you can use and help the Ice Age Trail!


Give some of your time back to the wonderful organization that makes the 1,200 mile footpath accessible to all! The Ice Age Trail Alliance welcomes all volunteers with varying ability levels. Even walking the trail and picking up trash along the way helps keep the trail clean and safe for us and its natural inhabitants. Whitewater representatives like Dr. Kelly Hatch, an education professor at the University of Whitewater, gives back to the trail! Professor Hatch teaches a class among the leaves of the Ice Age Trail during the fall semester. The students learn how to integrate nature and outdoor activities into educational programming. Along with their academics, the students give hours back to the Ice Age Trail Alliance by grooming trails and even building and installing wooden boardwalk! So, grab some friends, or take some time away from your busy schedule, and relax while you enjoy Whitewater's natural backyard!

Click here for information on how to volunteer.

Get Out and Hike

The Ice Age Trail has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking and outdoor activities. Even in the winter, the trail offers plenty of places to snowshoe and ski. Within Walworth County alone, there are plenty of spots to hop onto the Ice Age Trail. There's a parking area off Highway 12, Kettle Moraine Scenic Dr., and Clover Valley Rd. You will need a state park parking pass.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance already has plenty of resources online to help you plan your hike! They have itineraries for your hike, day hike options, and longer trips already planned. Grab a map here.

Even the news showcases hiking this national treasure!


Local Hikes

Check out events happening on the Whitewater segment of the Ice Age Trail!

Guided Weekly Hikes

Tuesdays ~ 4:00 PM
Wednesdays ~ 10:30 AM
Meet at Hwy 12 Parking Lot

Happy trails to you!


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