Treat Holiday Guests to These 5 Splurge-Worthy Desserts in Whitewater

December 19, 2019

Leave dessert (and the extra dishes) to the pros this holiday season with sweet confections from Whitewater’s most festive eateries.

1. Chocolate Pot de Crème from The Black Sheep

Pot de crème and a glass of whiskey at The Black Sheep: Whitewater, WI

Pot de crème is a French dessert custard from the 17th century. It means “pot of custard” or “pot of cream” and it’s something you need to try. Made-from-scratch and topped with The Black Sheep’s homemade whipped cream, this dessert is not too sweet, served in a small mug with two mini spoons for sharing, and is a delight to savor.

2. Monster Cookie Dough Baby Cake from The SweetSpot Bakehouse

Monster Cookie Dough Baby Cake waiting to be devoured at SweetSpot Bakehouse: Whitewater, WI

New to the selection of “baby cakes” at this award-winning bakery, owner Lacey Reichwald describes this treat as, “Nommmmmmm.” It’s a peanut butter chocolate chip cake topped with a peanut butter cream cheese loaded with oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. Must be a sweets fanatic to enjoy this one. Save room after dinner!

3. Epic Ice Cream Sandwich from Rosa’s Pizza

Mint Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream sandwiched between two fresh-baked heath bar cookies at Rosa’s Pizza: Whitewater, WI

What could be better than building your own ice cream sandwich? If you’re out to enjoy dessert with kiddos in tow or simply want to feel like a kid again yourself, this is the best place to grab dessert. Pick your cookies and the ice cream(s) (of many!) that you want smashed between them and scarf away! Have napkins at the ready and be prepared to giggle.

4. Slice of Homemade Tiramisu from Fanatico

Delectable slice of tiramisu at Fanatico: Whitewater, WI

Fanatico may be well-known for their wonderful pasta dishes, but did you know they also offer a tiramisu (espresso-dipped ladyfingers and a creamy lightly sweetened mascarpone cream) made in-house to enjoy with wine or coffee after dinner? Mouth-wateringly delicious! Can’t go wrong with this classic Italian dessert!

5. The “Banana Bobana” from Brain Freeze

The loaded Banana Bobana split at Brain Freeze: Whitewater, WI

Belly up to a table inside this 50s-inspired diner and indulge in a classic banana split: 2 scoops of your choice of Mullens Ice Cream, banana, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries on top. So delicious and filling, you may as well just skip dinner altogether!

Now head out and make those tastebuds dance like little Sugar Plum Fairies!