Spa Day in Whitewater, WI

February 17, 2021

Mid-winter is a prime time of year to hit the pause button and allow your mind, body, and soul to feel rejuvenated. If you’re looking for a day to reset, try this Spa Day itinerary! Book appointments at one or all five of these lovely (and affordable!) places in Whitewater for total restoration. Who says self-care requires an entire weekend?

Spa Day Activity #1: Foot Massage at Supportive Healing, LLC

πŸ“·: Supportive Healing, LLC

Start your day off with a hot tea and quiche or a smoothie from SweetSpot Cafe. Then, enjoy a 3omin foot massage to release toxins and stress from your system. Foot massages improve circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension, and often eases pain, not just in your feet, but your entire body. Return to homeostasis so you feel balanced for your Spa Day.
Cost: Tea and quiche – $7.75, Foot massage – $35

Spa Day Activity #2: Whirlpool Soak at Whitewater Aquatic Fitness Center


πŸ“·: Robert Meverden

Next, indulge in a hot soak in Whitewater Aquatic Center’s whirlpool tub to relax yourself and soften your skin. Book early to avoid people-traffic and to have the tub all to yourself!
Cost: $10 Day Pass

Spa Day Activity #3: Massage at Bellezza Hair Design and Spa

πŸ“·: Bellezza Hair Design and Spa

Now that you’re warm, detoxed, and relaxed, head to a 30min Deep Tissue massage at Bellezza to get rid of any lingering tension. Afterward, grab some Panga Fish Tacos for a fresh, light lunch at Taco FrescoΒ to perk you up for the rest of your afternoon.
Cost:Β  Massage – $45, Lunch – $4.50

Spa Day Activity #4: Mani or Pedi at Just Nails

πŸ“·: Just Nails

Get playful with a mani and/or pedi at Just Nails. Your hands and feet deserve a break, too! And choose bright colors to brighten up late winter.
Cost: $15-$60

Spa Day Activity #5: Hair Wash & Style at Botanica Beauty Parlour

πŸ“·: Botanica Beauty Parlour

Finally, end your day with a little beauty treatment at Botanica Beauty Parlour. Spoil your tresses so you head back home feeling like a completely new person. Book online well in advance of your Spa Day to ensure you get the time of day you’d like!
Cost: $20-$30

***If you happen to want a full spa weekend, book the Degas, Pissarro, or Monet (complete with whirlpool tub) at Hamilton House B&B for the ultimate rest.***

Whatever way you decide to care for yourself during your Spa Day, enjoy it to its fullest!


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