Best 6 Activities to Cool Down This Summer

June 23, 2021

Summer’s here and temps are rising. When you’re not looking to spend all your time lounging hiking, or biking in the sun, we’ve got 6 activities that’ll quickly cool you down. Grab your friends and/or fam and take a day trip to chill out in Whitewater.

#1. Nap in a Hammock

📸: Anne Drehfal

With plenty of trees to choose from at Dr. O.R. Rice Picnic Peninsula, set up your hammock overlooking Rice Lake and nap under the cool shade of the oak canopy. As a relatively secluded spot, you’re sure to catch some ZZs undisturbed. When you wake up, take a dip in the lake! Check out these primo hammock spots!

#2: Swim at a Beach

An ever-popular spot in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, Whitewater Lake Beach offers the perfect way for water lovers to cool down. Plan to get there earlier in the day to ensure you claim a spot underneath the shade of one of the few trees. Pro tip, dive in off the pier to swim in the shade along the shore!

#3: Wade in a Spring-Fed Creek

There’s nothing more refreshing than putting your feet in the creek at Natureland Park. Often shockingly cold for a moment, a quick wade wakes you up and cools you off fast. Meander the creek or picnic under the pavilion between dips.

#4: Enjoy an Ice Cream Drink (Spiked or Non-Alcoholic!)

📸: The Duck Inn Supper Club

Looking for a cool capper on your hot summer day? Visit The Duck Inn for some A/C and a Grasshopper (a sweet, mint-flavored drink). With the kids or skipping the alcohol? Head to Brain Freeze to cool down and indulge in a shake made from locally made ice cream. Either way, your chilled insides will thank you.

📸: Brain Freeze

#5: Go Boating!

What better way to cool off than cruising Whitewater Lake? Drop your boat in at the boat launch or rent a pontoon ($100 for 2hrs) or a motor boat ($50 for 2hrs) from the Parkside Marina. Kick back with your feet up and let the wind dry the sweat from your sun-soaked skin.

#6: Read in the A/C

When the outdoors aren’t cutting it anymore and it’s just too darn hot out there, curl up with a good book in the a/c at The Book Teller. A great way to chill out and disappear into another world. For an even cooler experience, read in the old bank vault!

Summer on, friends, and stay hydrated!


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