The Every-Occasion Restaurant with a Micro-Brewery Twist

August 30, 2019

841 Brewhouse, named for its address on Milwaukee St. in Whitewater, WI, is the perfect spot for “anything from date night, birthday parties to the after work spot to come for appetizers and drinks” according to owner, Lucas Burns. And he’s right. 841 Brewhouse has a fresh, clean atmosphere with a family-friendly, college sports bar feel.

“We try to provide a fun atmosphere for any occasion that people can come and enjoy a nice meal with quality service and fair prices.”

Lucas Burns, Owner of 841 Brewhouse

Prior to Lucas and his father taking over the business in January of 2015 and completely renovating the place, the restaurant was owned by Randy and Pat Cruse and went by Randy’s Steakhouse. It’s clear that Lucas has tremendous amount of respect for the previous owners and their footprint on the community.

“People seem to call us “841” or “The Brewhouse”, so it seems that our rebranding is slowly working, but occasionally, people will still call us “Old Randy’s”.  It was the same name for many years so it will take some time, I think, before that fades away.  We don’t take that as an insult but rather a challenge to mean the same thing to the community that Randy’s did.”

Lucas Burns, Owner of 841 Brewhouse

Aside from the beautiful bar, you can grab a seat at a table or booth with a view into the brewery where they create their 841 Amber and Warhawk Wheat.

“The micro brewery was the cherry on top of the purchase from Randy.  He had already established his flagship brews and brewery and we’re just looking to expand into an ever growing market.  Over the years, the craft beer industry has grown leaps and bounds and being a part of that is fun.  We have started to distribute our beer to other restaurants and bars and have toyed around with the idea of canning/bottling our beer to reach even more people.  Our brewmaster, Mark Strelow, does a great job keeping up with what people are asking for and requesting and trying to fill the needs of the masses rather than the few. All of his beers go down very smooth and we have experimented with a few new recipes that we look forward to releasing soon!”

Lucas Burns, Owner of 841 Brewhouse

Lucas carries a lot of love and pride, not only for his business, but for the university and the community, and you can sense that in the feel of the bar and restaurant.

“[841 Brewhouse] has provided me the opportunity to be a part of Whitewater for many years to come.  I grew up in the Milton/Janesville area and have always loved Whitewater.  I went to college here and played basketball for the Warhawks, and it is true when they say ‘Once a Warhawk, always a Warhawk.’  The university is a major portion of the community, and I feel 841 has only allowed me to get to know more people throughout the town and university that I otherwise might not have had an opportunity to know/work with.”

Lucas Burns, Owner of 841 Brewhouse

When you blend the bustling university vibe with the relaxed community vibe and sprinkle in foods and brews made from scratch, you get 841 Brewhouse.

“I think there isn’t a place that is quite like us in town or even in the area that can offer what we offer.  You would be hard pressed to find the quality food/drinks for the prices that we offer.  I’m not saying we are the cheapest place around, but we pride ourselves in serving quality meats/produce for a fair price. Couple that with good service and a comfortable atmosphere for every occasion, I think we have a winning recipe to be a part of this great community for years to come.”

Lucas Burns, Owner of 841 Brewhouse

When you visit, get their in-house smoked brisket and Lucas’ favorite beer from their brewery, the Oktoberfest.

For more info on 841 Brewhouse or to check out their menu, head here.