7 Snow-filled Adventures to Embrace Winter

January 24, 2024

Surrounded by gorgeous parks, natural areas, and state forest, you have a variety of places to explore during all four seasons in Whitewater, WI. But there’s nothing quite like exploring in the winter. Bundle up in your snow gear and try out one of these seven activities for snowy fun with friends or loved ones.


1. Sled "Killer Hill"

Cruising down Killer Hill sledding hill in Trippe Lake Park - Whitewater, WI


Trippe Lake Park is home to one of the largest hills (known as "Killer Hill") in Whitewater. At the top, you get a beautiful view of downtown Whitewater across from Cravath Lake before you throw yourself onto a sled and descend. Thrilling and a good work out when you have to trek back up to the top!


2. Snowshoe Area Parks & Trails

Snowshoeing Natureland County Park - Whitewater, WI

Prefer a leisure winter activity? Grab your snowshoes and head to any one of these little slices of heaven. Through a variety of terrain and beautiful views, you’ll enjoy an afternoon of peacefulness.

Upcoming event you won't want to miss: Candlelight Hike & Ski on the Nordic Trails! 2/17 6-8p


3. Cross-country Ski in the Kettle Moraine State Forest

Nordic Trail Pines in Whitewater, WI

The Kettle Moraine State Forest is a site to behold in the winter, whether because of snow-filled pine forests or old growth bare oaks and hickories. Grab those skis for a break from cars and city noise. These trails offer a variety of experience levels so you can ski with minimal effort on flat terrain or challenge yourself on tougher trails that offer more slopes.


4. Snowmobile the Whitewater Countryside

Snowmobile trailhead on R&W Townline Rd off Hwy 89 - Whitewater, WI

Whitewater offers vast stretches of countryside, perfect for cruising on snowmobiles. If you have questions, there’s a group of avid snowmobilers in the area with all the answers. This activity requires that you have your own snowmobile, so if you don’t have one, give a wink, wink nudge, nudge to a friend who does, and then get out there and ride free. It’s an exhilaration you won’t soon forget.

Trailheads off of:

  • Hwy 89
  • Hwy 12
  • Co Rd P
  • Anderson Rd
  • R & W Townline Rd

Upcoming event you won't want to miss: Drag the Turtle Radar Revel at Turtle Lake Tap & Grill in support of area snowmobile clubs! 2/27, 11a-7:30p


5. Fat Tire Bike in the Kettle Moraine

Enjoy hitting the trails on your bike? Throw on those fat tires and head to the the John Muir Trail system at N9097 Co Rd H. If you’ve already biked these trails in the summer or fall, take pleasure in noticing the differences between seasons. 


6. Ice Fish Area Lakes

Sometimes, there's nothing more winter than sitting on a bucket or in an ice shanty in the middle of a frozen lake waiting for the fish to bite.

  • Rice Lake: State Park Dr.
  • Whitewater Lake: 7658 State Park Rd.

Upcoming event you won't want to miss: Whitewater Lions Club’s Annual Fish-A-Ree - 2/11, 6a-2p


7. Skate or Play Hockey at the Big Brick Park Ice Rink

Not a fan of iced-over lakes? Bundle up, lace up your skates, and have some fun on the ice at Big Brick Park - 611 West Center Street! And since it's in Whitewater, you're close to all the hot cups of coffee and warm bowls of soup.

Whichever activity you choose, be safe, wear appropriate gear, and stay warm. Happy wintering!


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