10 of The Most Perfect Pairings in Whitewater, WI

February 21, 2022

In honor of the month of love, we’re bringing you Whitewater, WI’s perfect pairings. Everyone always says, “Everything’s better in twos,” and we couldn’t agree more! Especially when the pair doubles your fun and pleasure. Indulge in 1, 2, or all 10 of these perfect pairings to take your #discoverwhitewater experience up a notch!

Perfect Pairing #1: Coffee & a Book

There’s nothing cozier than a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in another. Grab your favorite beverage at SweetSpot Cafe (we recommend a 16oz Honey Latte!) and then head over to The Book Teller to peruse the stacks and settle in for a morning or afternoon of reading. Insider tip: Don’t have the cash for a drink? Ask for a cup of complimentary tea at The Book Teller!

Perfect Pairing #2: Dinner & a Show

📸: Fanatico

Who doesn’t love the classic dinner and a show (movie, live performance, OR an art exhibit) for their night out? Try authentic Italian at Fanatico or farm-to-table comfort food with a twist at The Black Sheep for dinner. Then, catch a movie at Whitewater Cinemas, a live show at Young Auditorium or Barnett Theater, or an exhibit at the Crossman Gallery, Roberta’s Art Gallery or Cultural Arts Center. Insider tips: Always get the popcorn (it’s extra specialness will not be lost on you) and if you’re used to larger live performances, opt for a play at Barnett Theater to support UW-Whitewater’s actors!


Perfect Pairing #3: Burger & a Beer

📸: 841 Brewhouse

No combo is more craved than a burger and a beer. And in Whitewater, there’s no shortage of this beloved pub fare! 841 Brewhouse, a classic pub & grill, offers the 841 Mac Attack (hellooo pepper jack macaroni bites!) and Brewhouse Beef Brisket burgers with four in-house brews on tap. Second Salem Brewing Co., a gastropub with a side of spooky lore, offers the Witch Hunter (bring on the minced garlic!) and Wisconsin (all the cheese) burgers and 13 original craft brews. Looking for your traditional bar cheeseburger and a beer? Hit up Lil Debbie’s Coyote Grill and ask for the cheeseburger that’s “just like the ones served in paradise.”

📸: Second Salem Brewing Co.

Perfect Pairing #4: Tacos and Horchata

Nothing makes your taste buds dance more than tacos and a classic horchata. Looking for authentic? Pop into quaint, family-owned Taqueria La Preferida for your traditional Mexican fare (and grab a few groceries on your way out!). You cannot go wrong with a Big Mama for $10! For a taco place that offers classic recipes with a modern twist, eat at Taco Fresco. You won’t be disappointed by the Fish or Harvest Potato tacos. Insider tip: Ask for the chef’s choice to go outside your comfort zone!

Perfect Pairing #5: Pizza & Ice Cream

If you’re looking to feel like a kid again, indulge in pizza and ice cream. Choose from one of these SIX local pizza joints for your pie (or slice!):

Rosa’s Pizza
Gus’ Pizza Palace
Toppers Pizza
Whiney’s Wine & Beer Haus Wood-fired Pizza
Grunzolio Pizzeria
La Piazza Pizzeria

Then, grab ice cream (in a pint, cone, cookie sandwich, shake, sundae, banana split) from Rosa’s, Brain Freeze, or the regionally famous Culvers!


Perfect Pairing #6: Protein Shake & Hiking or Yoga

📸: ReVamp Nutrition

Everyone needs the occasional boost to their physical health. What better way to do that than with a shake and some movement? Grab your shake from Whitewater Nutrition or ReVamp Nutrition and hop on the Whitewater Lake Segment of the Ice Age Trail, the trails at Natureland, or the peaceful path through UWW Nature Preserve. Rainy or not a hiker? Take a 4p Saturday yoga class at En Fuego Ballet’s studio! Insider tip: If you want to totally kick your day’s butt, get ReVamp’s infamous Get S**t Done shake and try not to take over the world.

Perfect Pairing #7: Massage and a Whirlpool Bath

📸: Supportive Healing, LLC

Sometimes, we need a little bliss in our lives. Relaxing our mind, bodies, and spirits with a massage and a good soak is just the heaven we’re looking for. Get penciled in for a 30 or 60min massage at Supportive Healing and then book a whirlpool suite at Hamilton House B&B for a weekend of luxury. Insider tip: Pay the extra fee for in-room breakfast. You deserve it.


Perfect Pairing #8: Flowers & Chocolate

Need to indulge yourself in some quick treats to perk yourself up for the day? Pop into Floral Villa and work with them on the ideal bouquet of all your favorite flowers. Then, head across town to satisfy your sweet tooth at SweetSpot Bakehouse for a chocolate covered donut, chocolate cupcake, fudgy gf and vegan brownie, or a chocolate orange fruit tart. *Napkins are available for when you inevitably drool.*

📸: SweetSpot Bakehouse


Perfect Pairing #9: Brunch & Bloody Marys

📸: Second Salem Brewing Co.

What’s a late morning on a Sunday without brunch and bloodys? To stay in one place, check out brunch at Second Salem Brewing Co. or The Black Sheep (coming soon!) complete with bloodys or mimosas. For a classic diner brunch experience, eat at Jessica’s Family Restaurant, and then head two doors down to Fat Jack’s for that bloody (or two!).


Perfect Pairing #10: Live Music & Drinks

🎥: Safe Under the Tree Live at Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus

Weekends are better with drinks and live music! Whitewater and the surrounding area is home to TWO establishments on family farms that provide yummy food and drinks and plenty of entertainment. Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus offers wine, beer, and delicious eats with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. For live music on Saturday night only, visit Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company and enjoy a few of their 31 microbrews on tap.

📸: Whiney’s Wine and Beer Haus

Now find that other pea in your pod and get to the fun having!


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