An Evening with Graphic Designer, Stefan Sagmeister

February 26, 2020

My Dreams Have No Meaning, 2008 Client: Sagmeister Inc.; Art director: Stefan Sagmeister; Designers: Gui Borchert, Joe Shouldice
Sagmeister Life Lessons

“Money does not make me happy.”
“Worrying solves nothing.”
“Everyone always thinks they’re right.”
“Keeping a diary supports personal development.”

These are lessons that Stefan Sagmeister, New York-based graphic designer, typographer, and storyteller, has learned in life so far. Aside from learning them, he’s turned them into large scale pieces of art. This is the man who’s designed album covers for Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, Jay Z, and Aerosmith. He’ll be onstage at the Young Auditorium, Tuesday, March 3rd at 7p. It’s free to attend and brought to you by the Annette & Dale Schuh Visiting Artist Endowment.

The Visiting Artist Endowment

Annette Schuh was a student at UW-Whitewater and took many art classes that allowed her to hear prominent artists speak. Those artists changed her way of thinking about art so much that she wanted future students to experience that, too. So, she and her husband gifted the art department a million dollars to use toward speakers. They’ve hosted printmakers, Kiki Smith and Dan Welden, artist and Soundsuits creator, Nick Cave, five Chinese artists who hosted a paint-along with university students, and now Stefan Sagmeister.

“He’s been on our list for years. Sagmeister’s one of the best in the world and an exciting person to bring in. He’s quite well known.”-Leslie LaMuro, Associate Director of Marketing and Events for the UW-Whitewater College of Arts and Communications

Nick Cave critiquing art with UW Whitewater students.
Artists Work With UWW Students

Like Sagmeister will do, artists often stay a few days to a week to work with university students before their public lecture. After working with students on printmaking, Kiki Smith gifted nine prints to UW Whitewater. Students visited Nick Cave’s studio in Chicago, and before they left, he gave them various objects and told them to create an exhibit inspired by them that he critiqued when he visited for his lecture. LaMuro shares, “These have been great experiences for students. They’re able to say, ‘I worked with Stefan Sagmeister and got to go to Nick Cave’s studio and then he critiqued my work!’ That’s pretty cool.”

LaMuro believes these lectures are for art lovers of all kinds and that attendees of the lectures walk away inspired. 

“We’ve had a wonderfully intense time with these artists. People come away saying, ‘Fascinating’. They’re often overwhelmed because these artists are larger than life.” -Leslie LaMuro, Associate Director of Marketing and Events for the UW-Whitewater College of Arts and Communications

Visiting artist Zong Gu, painting with UW-Whitewater lecturer, Bethann Handzlik, students, and members of the public. 📷Craig Schreiner
What To Expect at Lectures

-Intros and thank you’s
-A possible slideshow of the artist’s work
-The artist talking about their subject
-Q&A following the lecture

“All the lectures have been fascinating. It’s interesting to hear their perspective…how they approach their work and life. It’s interesting to hear what sparks their artistic journey.” -Leslie LaMuro, Associate Director of Marketing and Events for the UW-Whitewater College of Arts and Communications

According to Steven Heller in this biography on Sagmeister, he’s “…a cunning trickster [who] turns convention upside down, stretches the bounds of propriety, stomps on mores and taboos and alters popular perceptions.”

Aizone FW11 Campaign, 2011 Client: Aizone; Design firm: Sagmeister & Walsh; Creative director: Stefan Sagmeister; Art director and designer: Jessica Walsh; Photographer: Henry Hargreaves; Body painter: Anastasia Durasova; Creative retoucher: Eric Jonasson; Hair Stylist: Gregory Alan

If THAT doesn’t convince you to see Stefan Sagmeister, here’s a taste of what he’s like onstage:

Reserve seats now and prepare to be inspired!

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