Feature Friday: Kites

June 27, 2014

kite 4Have you walked around downtown yet? If you haven’t add it to your list of things to do, and move it up to the top!

The kites that are around downtown are apart of the 10th Annual Public Arts Project by the Whitewater Arts Alliance. This year is the final year in the series for the project, so get out and enjoy the beauty while you can!

This year’s theme is “Where’s Waldo the 10?” To celebrate the 10th year, one of the requirements was to incorporate a 10 somewhere in the piece – either in numerical, word or having 10 of something present.

On Sunday, September 28th from 5-7 pm the kites will be auctioned off at the Arts Alliance. This the Arts Alliance’s major fundraiser for the year. The kites are all beautifully done and some even light up!

Curious about who designed which kite, where a specific kite ended up or who sponsored the kite? Check out the brochure by visiting here for information on the project and here for the pdf file!

kite 3 kite 2 kite 1

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