Did you know Whitewater is also known as ‘Second Salem’? That’s RIGHT! Second to the famous town of Salem Massachusetts. Both Whitewater and Salem have a history rich in supernatural occurrences, and saturated in history. On October 13 & 14, join us on a guided tour of Whitewater’s past as you visit iconic sites such as the crypt of Mary Worth, and venture into the haunted cemetery in the yellow moonlight. Don’t miss your chance to crawl into the haunted water tower, and the the truth behind the circular burial patterns that are scattered across Whitewater’s triangle cemeteries!

October 13th & 14th

Check-In Begins at 5:30 PM

$40 per person

Ticket Includes a 4-5 hour guided tour, craft beer at Second Salem, appetizers at The Fuzzy Pig, discount haunted house tickets & more!

The guided tour begins at The Fuzzy Pig with appetizers, and a short presentation about the spiritualism presence in Whitewater. From there, the guided tours will leave for various locations across the city. At each location the bus will stop, and guests will get off to experience the location first-hand. Stops include: the crypt of self-proclaimed witch Mary Worth, the burial site of spiritualism leader Morris Pratt, the Witches Tower, and many more! The tour will also make a stop at Second Salem Brewing Company to sample their craft beers all inspired by local legends and tales of Whitewater and surrounding areas. Learn all about the artwork that appears on their finished products and the stories behind them!

Tickets can be purchased by stopping in at the downtown office (150 W. Main Street), emailing Info@whitewaterchamber.com, or by calling (262) 473-4005.