Every year, Whitewater is lucky enough to have one of the largest 4th of July celebrations in the Midwest (if not the nation!). The festival spans over numerous days leading up to the pinnacle of celebrations on July 4th. Events like this do not magically appear, although that would be a blessing for us all. Behind every community event is a team of leaders and dedicated individuals that volunteer their time and skills in putting everything together. We are seeing more towns failing to even come up with individuals and funds to support fireworks, but Whitewater manages that and a whole lot more. Thanks to the list of people below, we get the pleasure of reaping the rewards of their hard work and commitment to our community. So, as you are enjoying this weekend’s festivities, please remember to be grateful to the brilliant minds that made it happen. It might not be a bad idea to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work!

The July 4th Committee

Blake Scharine –Co-Chair
Jean Mills – Co-Chair
Chuck Mills
Bernie Tagney
Bob Obney
Dick Jones
Elizabeth & Adam Bols
Bruce Parker
Tom Egnoski
Dale Brotzman
Mark Maas
Jim Fleming

These generous individuals work hard on making sure everything from the fireworks show to the Miss Whitewater Pageant comes together smoothly. They also do all the advertisements and promotions, as well as, organize the huge parade! (See the parade lineup). Everything including the food, setup, the firework barges, the carnival, kid’s day, and the live music and entertainment is all thanks to these amazing community members.


Special thanks to the major sponsors (The City of Whitewater, The Coburn Co., DLK Enterprises and The Kachel Foundation) that contribute the funds needed to put on such a large event! There are numerous other businesses and individuals that help make the event a success, so thank you to everyone that helps out regardless if they’re listed in this story or not. We appreciate your dedication to our community and to our wonderful country. (see a complete list of sponsors here!)


If you want to find out more about what is going on during the 4th of July Festival Click here!



Enjoy the Fourth of July!