Have you ever wanted to fly like an eagle, but with greater wingspan and better stamina? This is how Danny Lange of Hang Glide Wisconsin described hang gliding during his interview with a team from Discover Wisconsin after he’d just flown with host, Mariah Haberman, of the WI tourism show.

Teddy, Brian, Mariah, Steve, Danny, and Karen with Andy in front. The Discover Wisconsin crew with Owners and fliers of Hang Glide Wisconsin.

The crew arrived bright and early to gear up for a full day of filming some of the outdoor fun that can be found in and around Whitewater including Hang Glide Wisconsin, Whitewater Lake Beach, and the trails of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. 

We were fortunate enough to tag along and capture behind-the-scenes footage of the Discover Wisconsin crew working their magic for an episode that’s airing Spring of 2020. While Mariah talked with Danny in the hangar about the logistics of flying and safety, the film crew–Brian, Andy, and Teddy–captured shots of their chat and got the GoPro ready for flight on the hang glider.

Mariah Haberman, host of Discover Wisconsin, sharing a laugh with Danny Lange

After the crew and Mariah felt ready for take-off, we got a few epic shots and clips of Danny and Mariah getting strapped into the hang glider and discussing logistics again before being hooked up to the plane. And then take-off! I guarantee it was as exhilarating as it looked! 

According to Danny, the views are so spectacular, you can see the itty bitty Milwaukee cityscape on a clear day. Mariah felt like hang gliding was “the craziest thing she’s ever done.”

Perspective of the plane and hang glider next to the sun.

She and Danny bonded about how you actually get to mentally process the flight as it’s happening. We cannot wait to see the GoPro footage and what the film crew captured, especially Teddy’s footage from atop the hill on the property.

In the Discover Wisconsin episode, which airs in the Spring of 2020, you’ll learn from Danny what goes into the prep work, what his favorite aspect of flying is, and a few great stories from his years of hang gliding, but here’s a brief intro about him and his wife.

Next up, we headed to Whitewater Lake Beach where the crew worked to get some shots of Mariah relaxing in the sun and walking the path along the beach right before it filled up for the hot mid-afternoon. A perfectly calm end to an adrenaline-filled morning.

Discover Wisconsin’s arrival in Whitewater comes just in time for a re-airing of Just Off Main Street, another episode they filmed in which downtown Whitewater is featured. Be sure to tune in this weekend!

And visit Hang Glide Wisconsin for an incredible experience.